Terms &Conditions

The Logo2web highly respects the privacy of its online users. For this very reason, maintaining and managing the privacy and confidentiality of the users is the prime concern.

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General Conditions

All the users of Logo2web are liable to completely agree with the stated set of terms and conditions. If any user of Logo2web disagrees with the terms and conditions stated below then, he or she is forbidden to use the services of the website.

Concerning the terms and conditions, the Logo2web has zero-tolerance for unruly behavior and violation of these terms and conditions. The statement (hereby) affirms that Logo2web has all the rights & freedom to change, amend, and revise the terms of services any time it is required. All the clients are bound to agree with the latest set of regulations which will be updated on this page of the website.

Manifesting the confidence of our clients, the content, logos, brands of any other party are their property, and Logo2web has no authority over it. Until stated, Logo2web doesn’t imply sponsorship, recommendation, endorsement over a client’s property. However, Logo2web reserves the copyright of the resources belonging to the company itself.

The Logo2web hereby ensures (through this stated privacy policy) to maintain the user's and customers' confidentiality and private details. Logo2web (through this stated privacy policy) also ensures that it has no intention and will never sell or share the customers' and users' information to any third-party platform. For further information over third-party sharing, interaction and exchanges you are requested to visit the section of third-party concerns mentioned below with details on this page of the privacy policy.

The Project Proposal

Logo2web aims to make the process of the services as feasible as possible for their clients. Granting the opportunity of customization that incorporates the idea of the clients and give it a realistic touch by including it to the website (if possible). The possibility is through the utilization of online resources for communication and also the offline avenues for longer touch with the clientele.


Logo2web grants a platform to design websites for businesses. Anyhow, the Logo2web plays no role in deciding the kind of information shared and how it is presented and shared. Therefore, all or any claim of impropriety against the client’s website should exclude Logo2web from being accountable. Moreover, the clients are bound to defend and indemnify the image and name of the Logo2web over any circumstances. The clientele of Logo2web is also expected to bear the lawyer’s fee if the case worsens.

Logo2web does not have the ownership and authority over your:

  • Names
  • Brand Names
  • Logos
  • Words
  • Pictures
  • Content
  • Graphics
  • Trademarks
  • Design Theme
  • Images

Casual Queries & Remarks

  • Name
  • Contact Number
  • Email ID
  • Address
  • City
  • Country
  • Visuals
  • Illustrations
  • Ideas

Business Vendors & Associates

  • Company Information
  • Support Contact Details
  • Emergency Contact
  • Address
  • City
  • Country

Job Recruiters

  • Specific Identification & Information
  • Academic Background
  • Emergency Contact
  • Employment History


Logo2web intends to provide an exceptional experience to its users by decreasing the casualties that might appear due to online disruptions client files can be deleted or corrupted, and servers can go off. In this situation, the Logo2web won’t be held responsible for any damage claimed.

Data Loss & Backup

The Logo2web is not liable and promises no compensation over the data loss from the client’s end. Users of Logo2web should be aware of all the risks and consequences of using the services of Logo2web. The users thereby give their approval in the light of the very information.

Logo2web is not liable for any loss resulting from:

  • Website data transfer
  • Delays or interruptions to access website.
  • Unjustified or unwarranted use of primary information of the users.
  • Failure to reserve email messages.
  • Deletion of email messages.
  • Inability to use our mail service.
  • Your application process for our services and website.
  • Omissions, errors, misstatements of any information or service provided under this agreement.

Refusal Phase

In order to make any appropriate amendments to the stated terms and regulations, the Logo2web has the ownership and authority to decide what violates the policies and its constitution.

In addition, the Logo2web has the right to cancel the services to any user/candidate or cease the service for a specified period of time.

If a single aspect of the stated provisions is considered to be invalid, it does not nullify the rest of the policies. Anyhow, Logo2web verifies the questionable terms against the pre-determined standards as well. It allows us to modify our conditions in a lucid set of rules that makes it fair for all our clients to follow and adhere to the basic intent of the Logo2web.

The Logo2web is not liable to inform the viewers before making any changes to the terms of services. Hence, it is suggested that our clientele keep a check on this section of our website and stay up-to-date with the current regulations.

Trademarks & Copyrights

  • Brand Name
  • Names
  • Logo
  • Graphics
  • Illustrations
  • Ideas
  • Products
  • Pictures
  • Images & Visuals
  • Content
  • Trademarks

Furthermore, if any or all items mentioned above are the property of the Logo2web, it will have complete ownership over them. Proper documentation would be required to obtain the copyrights. If the Logo2web doesn’t allow to attain the trademarks, all the clients must oblige to defend and respect the decision and protect the company from any incurring harm during the procedure.

Dominant Cognizance

The finalized set of terms and conditions is presented currently on the website (this page) which is approved by the Logo2web. We ascend any form or written and verbal compound to previously disclosed and agreed policies. Each client is required to adhere to this current set of terms of service and its conditions to use the website.


In case of any query or further information, kindly refer to our contact details mentioned below:

  • Toll Free:
  • Email:

Live chat support is also available.

Cookie Policy

Logo2web uses the cookies on the website. Cookies gather the additional data and information such as but not limited to:

  1. Viewer’s/User’s demographics
  2. Website Context
  3. User’s/ Viewer’s interests considering the website’s look and feel
  4. User’s/ Viewer’s data and selected network in terms of the website etc.

All of these aspects are brought together to embrace better user’s website experience.

Revision Policy

Logo2web humbly offers 2-3 revisions over specific items for their clients. This facility is only achievable if the central idea isn’t affected or altered. In the event of extra revisions; additional charges will be applied.

Refund Policy

We are bounded by your approval. However, once the order is confirmed, the substitute of a refund immediately expires. The client can request certain changes and amendments to be made. Whereas, Logo2web has the authority to cease the services to any client based on violation of the terms and regulations or any other inappropriate reason.

Criteria for Refund Requests

  • A full refund can only be requested before any deliverables.
  • Only 60% of refund is procured if applied within 48 hours of delivery.
  • Only 30% of refund is procured if applied within 48 – 120 hours of delivery.
  • No refund requests will be entertained if applied after 120 hours of delivery.
  • If the client stays inactive for a month after placing the order, he/she will not be qualified for a refund. Additional charges will be applied in case continuation.
  • After the delivery of the ultimate package, no refund request shall be entertained.
  • If the website is ready to deploy live, no refund request shall be entertained.
  • If the story board is composed for video animation, no refund request shall be entertained.
  • Any refund shall be requested on the basis of rational evidence and logical grounds.
  • The refund criteria is same in all packages.
  • The client will not qualify for a refund if our design is complementing the ideal brief and revisions are also utilized..

The support team of Logo2web will be evidencing and preparing case studies for all the refund requests. Whereas Logo2web has the complete authority to reject a refund request if the client is guilty of any violation of the terms of service. In case of refund approval, there are certain conditions applied and the ratio of approved refund will be disclosed by the representatives of the Logo2web.


In case of any query or further information, kindly refer to our contact details mentioned below:

  • Toll Free:
  • Email:
  • Live chat support is also available.


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